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Patriot Tree Service offers residents of the Hampton Roads and Newport News area the best professional tree services in the state. We have proudly served our friends and family for more than 5 years, offering high-quality tree removal, tree trimming, tree pruning, and more.

Whether you’re afraid a tree in your yard will fall any minute or are dreading the damage from the next storm, you need Patriot Tree Service. Our expert inspectors will review your home, the trees, and the surrounding area to learn whether your home and property are in danger. We conduct thorough audits of the area, diagnose potential threats, and come up with a creative, cost-effective solution to your problems.

Why is Patriot Tree Service the top provider in Hampton, VA?

Because our team is made up of friendly, dedicated professionals who always put the customer first. We are committed to excellence, and it shows through in every project we work on.

If you need a tree care company in the Hampton Roads area, choose our family-owned and operated company. 

Tree Services


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Our Tree Services:

Pruning and Trimming

Man cutting down tree branch

Patriot Tree Service specializes in trimming and pruning services in Hampton, VA. Our attention to detail sets us apart from the rest, so you can rest easy knowing that your trees will always be perfectly pruned.

When it comes to tree pruning, or what others may say tree trimming, we inspect your trees, thoroughly using a checklist that covers every aspect of your tree’s health and appearance. This includes:

●     Checking for diseased leaves, branches, bark or roots
●     Examining leaves for indications of overall tree health
●     Marking branches for trimming
●     Ensuring the tree is in the season for pruning

If you have trees hanging over your property or limbs that have been damaged in a storm, our Tree Services can help. With our tree trimming service throughout the city, we can clean up any of the trees around your residential property.

Even if you don’t want to remove the trees around your home, overgrown branches can diminish the look and value of your property. When you hire us, we can trim your trees and have them looking their best in no time.


Tree being removed

Tree removal can be dangerous–for the people doing the removing, the people in the surrounding area, and your property. That’s why you always want the best of the best performing your tree removal. In Hampton Roads, My Patriot Tree Service is the one to call.

There may be many reasons why you’ll need our service for removing a tree but some of the top reasons are:

  1. Trees that have died because of oak tree wilt and you need to avoid any spreading to other oak trees in the area
  2. Improper tree pruning
  3. The tree is dying or has already died
  4. Decay-producing fungi, such as mushrooms, growing at the base of the trunk

Don’t take chances doing this yourself or working with a cut-rate company. If done poorly, tree removal can have expensive, damaging consequences.

If you need trees of any size removed, call Patriot Tree Service now to set up an appointment.

Storm Damage Clean Up

Damaged tree

After major storms, Patriot Tree Service provides the residents of Hampton Roads, with efficient and fast storm damage clean-up services.

Whether it involves:

●     Clearing trees and debris from roadways
●     Removing trees that have fallen on houses or cars
●     Clearing driveways
●     Pruning
●     Or any other emergency service

We are here to help. And after we address your emergency, we double-check to make sure that all surrounding trees are safe and damage-free. Sometimes, trees may seem fine but have heavy internal damage that makes them dangerous liabilities. We take the time to ensure your property is completely safe.

We Take Our Customers Satisfaction Very Seriously

At Patriot Tree Service, we always do the right thing. We communicate and provide information before the job so that you understand what is going to take place at your home or business.

We are family-owned and locally owned and operated and have a team of talented and professional staff and climbers so that everything goes smoothly with your job.

Customer Reviews

Douglas Kelsey
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I had several trees in the back yard that needed to be cut back. Justin walked through the yard with me and listened to what I wanted done. He provided advice and recommendations based on my request, and quoted me a very fair price. He and his crew were on time, did a great job, were courteous, thorough and removed all the branches and debris. When they were finished, Justin walked the yard with me to ensure I was happy with their work and that they hadn't missed anything. I'm pleased with their work and if I need tree service in the future wouldn't hesitate to contact Patriot Tree Service.
Les Kayanan
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Justin and Jennifer Smith are a GREAT couple who run their business efficiently, effectively, and thoroughly professional. Justin was on the grounds with his crew, and he was absolutely a delight to coordinate with as he provided an excellent assessment of what work was needed and the cost of the project. He and his team arrived promptly on the day and time for which the work was scheduled, then after a thorough reconfirmation of expected work, he and his crew worked diligently and thoroughly to complete the work. At the completion, he shared what he recommended be done with the stumps and the garden planning, recommending others who could do both additional work. When asked if he could do the stump work, he said he could and provided an estimate. Justin's honesty and recommendation for others to do follow on work continued to reflect his/his company's integrity! Additionally, the garden planning company he recommended followed up with me telephonically, and they will come to assess the work in the near future after Patriot Tree Service's stump removal. If this other company has as much professionalism and integrity as Patriot Tree Service, I will be only too happy to recommend them as well! Justin and Jennifer Smith's Patriot Tree Service is a class act!
Nancy Johnson
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This company is amazing. I watched these two amazing men take down my mature tree that was surrounded by power lines and obstacles that were ridiculous. I am totally blown away. Experts, professionals, friendly…hire these guys….you’ll be glad you did!

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