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Reasons to Hire a Professional Tree Company

People with a yard large enough to have trees know that from time to time their trees have problems. Trees can suffer from diseases that eventually weaken them and make them more vulnerable to insect damage. Even just having diseased spots makes places for insects to invade. Droughts can cause your trees to shed leaves early, leaving you to wonder if the tree is dead or just protecting itself.

Storms with high winds can break off branches or leave them broken and hanging over your house or driveway. When dead limbs get rained on, the dead wood absorbs the water. Soaked limbs are much heavier than dry ones, causing limbs to fall during or after rains. Many people try to take care of tree problems themselves, but sometimes it’s just better to hire a professional like My Patriot Tree Service. Below are some reasons to hire a professional tree company.

man cutting tree

Knowledge –

If your tree is shedding leaves prematurely or only over one part, you may wonder if it is dead or dying. Tree company personnel can evaluate your tree and tell you if it is really in danger and what can be done about it. They can spot disease signs you may not be aware of and treat the problem. They can also spot insect damage and inform you as to what is damaging the tree and what can be done about it. They can also give you tips on what to do to prevent further insect or disease damage.

Taking down a large tree –

If you have a large, dead tree that needs to be removed or one that is in the way of your home’s construction, professionals really should get involved. You can’t just get out the chain saw and attack the trunk. The tree company will remove large limbs first to ensure that they don’t fall onto your home or vehicles. They are trained to know how to take down a large tree and have it fall in the direction they want. Large trees with heavy limbs can twist unexpectedly when falling, so this is not a job for an amateur. Professionals use ropes and harnesses, bucket trucks, and sometimes even cranes to make sure that your tree can be removed without damage to your property or that of your neighbor.

Power line problems –

If you have a tree with limbs growing within ten feet of utility lines, they need to be cut back. You’ll need to have a professional trim these limbs back. They know where and how to cut them to keep them from touching the utility line while it’s coming down, and so that the rest of the limb won’t die if it’s to be left on the tree.

Removing dead limbs –

Besides a limb dying from wind damage or ice overload, lower limbs gradually die as the tree grows naturally. A large limb can also crack and bend but still hang on by a thread, leaving a hazard that you have no control over as far as where and when it falls. A broken, hanging branch section can suddenly drop straight down like a spear. On large trees these dead limbs can have an inconveniently long length, extending over places you’d rather they not fall. Removing these limbs is tricky, as they must be firmly supported or cut into sections that are lowered down rather than just cutting through the base. Tree companies use bucket trucks and ropes to ensure that your big limb comes down without causing any damage.

Stump grinding –

After that tree comes down, you still have to deal with the stump and the parts of the large roots that are above ground. It’s possible to rent a stump grinder, but these are less effective than the types used by professional tree services. Besides, if you’re like most people, you probably will use a stump grinder only once or twice in your life, and they require some knowledge to operate properly and do the job thoroughly. They also produce a lot of flying wood chips and debris, which can cause damage or even injure somebody. Stump grinding is best left to professionals for doing a thorough job and leaving your ground ready for planting grass.

While you might have a chain saw or even a pole saw, when you have trees, sometimes you just need to hire a professional to assess and take care of your tree problems safely. They not only remove trees and limbs but can help you better care for your trees and tell you that your favorite is not dead even if it appears to be. It will be much less work and stress on you to just leave the job to those best equipped to do it.

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