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Top 3 Fruit Trees to Grow in Virginia

Virginia boasts fertile soil and a mild climate, allowing many types of plants and trees to grow well. As with any other area, some do better here than others. Within each type of tree species, some varieties will do better than others as well. It’s also important to remember to keep up with your trees maintenance which is good for the health and appearance of your trees. When planting fruit trees near your home it is also important to properly distance them from the house while being mindful of where the ripened fruit will be landing. For example, a walkway covered with fruit will have a less than desired appearance. We’ll take a look at the 3 top fruit trees that are happy to be in Virginia.

Picking an Apple

If your property is short on space, there are many varieties available in dwarf form or semi-dwarf. They don’t take up as much land space but produce full-sized fruits. They are also easier to care for, such as covering them when a late frost threatens or being able to reach the top of the branches when spraying for insects or fungus.

There are also some trees that boast bearing more than one variety of fruit on one tree. Some even claim to have five types of apples or other fruits on one tree. While these can work, bear in mind that they have been developed by grafting sprouts from the various varieties onto a tree with a hardy rootstock that may not even be the same type of tree. If a grafted branch happens to die, you then lose the variety of fruit that would have grown on it. Another problem comes with not knowing what type of tree forms the main trunk or rootstock. You may have varieties grafted in that are resistant to disease, but the main tree may not be. Also, you have no choice in which varieties of the fruits are grafted, and one or more may not do well here. If you wish to try one of these trees, just bear in mind that there may be problems.

1. Apple –

Apple trees have a fine reputation in Virginia as a fruit that grows well. The secret is the crisp fall weather that is fine and dandy for apple trees. The varieties that seem to do best here are Golden Delicious, Winesap, Gala, and Fuji. Instead of planting just one tree of your favorite variety, it’s best to get at least one tree of another variety to provide cross-pollination.

Everybody recognizes Golden Delicious apples. Firm and crisp, they have a mildly sweet flavor with a touch of honey. Winesaps are crisp and especially juicy, making them perfect for cider and juice. Their flavor is a balance of tart and sweet with a hint of spicy wine flavor. Gala apples are natives of New Zealand. They feature dense, creamy flesh, and have a mild sweetness with a floral aroma. Since they have a rather delicate flavor, they are best eaten raw for snacks or sliced into salads. Fuji apples came were developed in Japan. These apples are crisp and firm, sweet, low in acid, and feature hints of honey and citrus in their flavor. Because of their dense texture, they are great cooking and baking apples.

2. Pears – 

Pear trees, both European and Asian varieties, grow well. The best-growing varieties are Early Golden, Seckel, Orient, and Harrow Delight. They do prefer having two or more varieties to aid cross-pollination. Some of the Asian pears sport a combination of pear and apple flavors. They also have firmer flesh, making them great for cooking. While pears are less bothered by insects and disease than apples, the Asian pears do take a little more care than other varieties.

3. Cherry –

Both sweet and sour cherry trees, can be grown in Virginia, but the best results come from the sweeter varieties. Sweet favorites in Virginia are Windsor, Napoleon, and Hudson. The sour Montmorency has become popular because it self-pollinates, not requiring other varieties, and is the best sour cherry to grow in Virginia. They also don’t require a lot of space which allows them to be planted among a variation of trees, even those be used as a sound barrier. They are favorites for pies. Both sweet and sour cherries have many health benefits, including antioxidants and plenty of vitamins, including C.

Other fruits that can be grown in Virginia, including figs, peaches, nectarines, and plums. When looking for fruit trees, your best choice is to get them from a local nursery. They will stock the varieties that grow best in the local climate and are knowledgeable in the care of each, especially in the winter time. You can find out how to prevent insect damage and disease based on your locale and find out about the pros and cons of each variety to choose the trees that are best for your new orchard. 

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